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Recent samples



Sample, digitally printed on medium weight 100% combed cotton

The design is taken from a photograph I shot in Tokyo of an old street notice board. Bits of old tape and torn poster corners in various colours created a beautiful abstract composition that had built up over time.

L.A. International Textile Show


View of Fashion District, Downtown L.A. from the California Market Center.

Over the last few days I’ve attended a few seminars at the International Textiles Show in Downtown L.A. The seminars, run by FBI, are a brilliant help. Following her seminar yesterday, I met Susan Power of About Sources who had published some brilliant resource guides, which I know will be invaluable.

Of course I enjoyed wandering (more like rushing!) around the show too, but I find it’s always hard to find printed textiles I like here in the U.S., and although I do think there’s always interesting stuff coming out of Europe and Japan, you don’t see much of it over here. I’m learning that a lot of the good textile companies and agents are based out of NY, so perhaps that’s my next stop …

Envelope stripes


Patterns inside envelopes.


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