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I have been rather absent from this site for a while. It’s hard to squeeze these things in, in between looking after two young children and relocating from one city to another, amongst other things. I’m hoping soon things will normalise and I can once again redirect my focus towards other interests!

As our lives get organized, my daughter is attending a very nice art camp this week at LUX, down the road from where we’re staying. I was very happy to discover this rather unique place. She’s doing the printmaking workshop. When I pick her up I get itchy fingers looking at all the lovely pieces they’ve been working on. So much fun!

+81 jinbei

Take a look at +81. Keiko made this really lovely tiny jinbei for her new born daughter using some space-to-think fabric. It makes me so happy to see this fabric being so beautifully used. I can’t wait to see it being worn … more pictures to come!

Homework pattern



Mosaic stickers



Music box


Photo from kid-o

I am in love with this musical box! You can make your own music by punching holes in the paper strips.

I remember seeing one of these for the first time a few years ago being played by Toshio Iwai at one of his talks. I was blown away by it’s simplicity. So beautiful. I want one!

You can see how Toshi Iwai’s Tenori-on directly relates to it.

I re-discovered the little music box at a great shop called Kid-O in New York (recommended to me by my flickr buddie, Hikaru). They have a brilliantly selected collection of products for children which I often find myself daydreaming over!


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