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space-to-think is the blog of designer Lucinda Newton-Dunn. It acts as a platform from which to share some passions, help organize some thoughts and give life to some ideas. Any comments and thoughts are very welcome!

Lucinda works in Printed Textiles and Graphic Design. Originally from the U.K. where she studied Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art in London, Lucinda moved to Tokyo for seven years, relocated to Los Angeles, then San Diego and now lives and works near San Francisco, California. Greatly inspired by her time in Japan and now California, and with a camera always at hand, the majority of Lucinda’s designs are derived from her countless photos and day-to-day observations. These are then transposed into graphic patterns and compositions.


Lucinda works on a freelance basis. To view some recent completed or published work, please visit the works category on our blog.

To simply browse through some on-going ideas, sketches and work-in-progress, please visit the space-to-play category.

For further information, or to view our full portfolio or Pattern Book, please contact Lucinda directly through one of the ‘Comments’ sections on this blog. Thank you.


Lucinda continues to work with Link, a line of contemporary printed furoshiki (Japanese wrapping scarfs). For more information and where to buy, please visit: www.thelinkcollective.com


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